Flexible and Powerfull dashboard lets you create a new contact list and opt-in keyword, import contacts, manage contacts and view statistice about inbox, groups and subscribers in short quicly access all data you need.

One-Click SMS Burst

Use SMS marketing and get new customers everyday. Use one click sms burst bulk messaging service to send sms to million of customers by just a click which is fastest growing and effective marketing.

Contact Management

Contact management helps you get a complete picture of all of your clients.Easily manage existing and new contacts, create new list, categorize them, import contact and reach them quickly.

Credit Management

Credit management gives the tool and information to manage your credit as well as liberty to buy credit online easily.Just buy credit, charge your account today and grow your business.

Real Time Reporting

Real time reporting feature allows you to get reports regarding sent, queued, scheduled campaigns, message inbox etc and explore a world of exciting features and benefits by using our product.

SMS load Balancer

Built in load balancer over multiple numbers resulting in balacing sms load as well as enhancing sms sending speed.Send millions of sms in a second and reach your customers instantly from everywhere.

SMS Forwarding

SMS forwarding to email and Mobile feature allows you to forward messages through sms and email. We make it easy for you to promote your business, reach your every customer throgh sms.


Our unique sms solution is integrateable to all sms gateways allowing you to use any account. join hynderreds of businesses that have began sms marketing to increase sale.

Optin Keywords

A unique word that identifies a product, service or a predefined action and is used to communicate via shortcode.On sending a keyword to a certain code, an automated text will be sent to the customer.


Over 90% of mobile users say that they use their mobile for sms. Increase profits by connecting with current customers and attracting new ones with our sms marketing solution.

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We do not have any specific pricing plan but you can explore the world of exciting features and benefits with this solution. what you are waiting for buy whole solution today.

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  • Opt-in Keyword
  • Credit Management
  • One click SMS Burst
  • Contact Management
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Gateway Integration
  • Load Balancer Builtin

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